Unique experience
I had always dreamed of going on a trip to Chernobyl to experience this place on my own and I had been planning my trip for a long time. Now, thanks to this service, my dream came true. The whole organization is at the best level - just great! I advise everyone to visit Chernobyl, there are few such places in the world, and photos or films do not reflect this unusual atmosphere so well! Thank you to everyone involved!
Ewa Dobrowolska
When I went on a trip to Chernobyl, I did not expect that the trip would be so atmospheric. Pripyat is something unbelievable! As if you were transferred to thirty years ago where nothing has changed. Destroyed buildings, overgrown with various vegetation, add to its charm. I will definitely go there again with my friends. Everyone should see it!
Stanisława Henryka Wrona
In addition to the unusual, unique surroundings, a lot depends on the guide and I’d like to say thank you very much to the guide Sergey, who conducted the tour in the most interesting way and answered all our questions, told us about each of the objects even more than you can find on the Internet. A really talented guy! With such a guide, a trip to Chernobyl seems much more exciting. That’s great that such professionals work for you!
Radosław Walczak
We went on a group trip to Chernobyl with friends, although we did not even plan such a vacation in advance. We saw the ad by accident and thought that it could be a great idea to spend the weekend this way. I liked everything starting with organization and guide approach to the locations themselves. I have never seen anything more unusual. Literally everything you see here is extremely interesting and you could spend even more than just a day observing the zone. I’m sure I’ll be back again.
Bartosz Cybulski
For the third time, I went on a trip to Chernobyl. This place just doesn't get boring. Each time it feels like the first time, as if you were transported to the plot of a post-apocalyptic book. This time I went to the power plant to see how it is managed and exactly where the mistake was made in 1986. As always, everything was great! The guide told us a very interesting story and showed the internal structure of the station.
Tomasz Skiba
I liked absolutely everything. In Kiev, our group was picked up by a comfortable bus with a friendly driver and guide. The guys really tried to provide a high level service. Professional guides know how to tell interesting stories. During the Chernobyl tour, the whole group were listening to them as they were enchanted! It’s just a perfect educational trip!
Franciszek Kozak
I went on a 2-day trip. I especially enjoyed staying at the hotel in Chernobyl. The atmosphere is just great! At night, the "zone" seems to wake up and against the background of the general silence you can hear the sounds of local wild animals, the creaking of old doors and windows from the surrounding buildings, and the noise of the wind. It’s very interesting, and even a little scary. I advise you to go on a two-day trip with an overnight stay. You won’t regret it!
Aleksandra Laskowska
I really liked the program of the 2-day tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat. Well-coordinated work of the staff does not allow you to be bored even for a minute, but at the same time you can have a good rest! Everything is perfectly arranged. A very rich program will be remembered for a long time. The guys really know a lot about their work, justifying the price of the trip by 100 percent.
Czesław Adamczyk
The guide knows the history of Chernobyl very well. During the tour, he enthusiastically answered all our questions. And there were a lot of them. You can see that a man not only works on trips to Chernobyl - he really likes what he does. Thank you for such an approach and such a team! Without such people, the trip wouldn’t be the same!
Amalia Marcinkowska
I had dreamed of entering the exclusion zone for a long time. Eventually, I barely talked my husband into a trip to Chernobyl. For some reason he was scared, but in the end everyone was happy, both him and me. A great solution for a weekend trip. Everyone should visit such an unusual place. The guides told interesting stories about each place we visited, for that we would like to thank them!
Bogusława Kwiatkowski
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