Two-day tour to Chernobyl

The mission of our company Wycieczki-do-Czarnobyla.PL is to constantly improve the service and experience of tourists travelling to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Our team continually finds the best ways to surprise and provide our guests with accurate and updated information about the history of Chernobyl, the accident and its consequences, radiological safety, nature and work currently in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. We will do all our work professionally and with deep respect for the Chernobyl Zone as a live museum to be preserved for future generations.

We will tell you more about the excursion we offer.

Modern and comfortable transfer

For the convenience of our customers, we use our modern Mercedes Sprinter minibuses, which are far ahead of their class, especially in terms of safety. To get to Chernobyl you have to travel for a distance of over 330 km where the roads are not always of the best quality. That is why we place a great emphasis on educating drivers and keeping our vehicles in the best technical condition at Wycieczki-do-Czarnobyla.PL. All our minibuses comply with European standards for passenger transport, including the two-wheel rear axle. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, seat belts, Wi-Fi routers and USB chargers for passengers. Speed ​​and location are monitored by our GPS tracking system, so our guests can travel safely and pleasantly.

Information for those who are going on a two-day (or more) tour

If your trip includes an overnight stay in the area, we usually check in at one of the local hotels. All the hotels are quite old. You will certainly be consulted by our manager about the hotel and housing conditions. As a tour operator, we have practically no control over the accommodation in the zone. As all hotels do not have stars *, you can expect a typical Soviet attitude from the staff (but with clean sheets). Keep in mind that the food in the area is simple - just a source of carbohydrate and protein. People with special dietary needs may bring their own food.

Canteen in the Chernobyl Zone

Meals in the Exclusion Zone are served in two main canteens - one is located in the city of Chernobyl in the "Ten" and the other in the canteen No. 19, located near the Chernobyl NPP. All food products come from outside the Exclusion Zone (according to the legislation of Ukraine). Tours-to-Chernobyl. PL has no financial interest in providing food for visitors to the Exclusion Zone.

Wycieczki-do-Czarnobyla.PL does not control the preparation of meals and does not guarantee the availability of certain food options. According to 90% of visitors, their impressions of dinner in the Chernobyl zone were either excellent or good.

Flexibility of our itinerary

During our 2-day Chernobyl tour, we limit the group size to 12 people! This gives us a lot of flexibility, so we can adjust our itinerary based on the interests of the group. If you are interested in more than just a trip to the reactor side, Wycieczki-do-Czarnobyla.PL will help you create professional development programs, higher education modules or special programs of any standard and with any desired content. We can work according to your time and budget.

Do you need a Geiger counter?

Personal radiation dosimeters and Geiger counters are different things. PRDs are provided by the authorities to measure the radiation exposure to humans during the tour (required and included in the price). But the data from these dosimeters can be read on special equipment (no sensor and no display). Geiger counters show actual radiation levels on a digital display in microsieverts (these are optional and cost $ 8 per day).

Using drones

You have a unique opportunity to capture the exclusion zone from a bird's eye view. On a multi-day trip (even a two-day group trip), we have plenty of time to ride, walk and fly. There are places with flight restrictions (for example, over nuclear facilities), but most places can be flown over. We will need your drone model and number to obtain the permit.

Discover the abandoned Chernobyl and the ghost town of Pripyat from the "Bridge of Death" to the Market Square, learn about the silent accident damage and the results of the decontamination operation. This tour will give you the opportunity to experience a post-apocalyptic atmosphere.