Pripyat's place of culture - the "Prometheus" cinema

One of the most popular places before the disaster in Pripyat was the "Prometheus" cinema. It was located in the heart of the city, where roads from different districts crossed, and local residents could go here not only to watch a movie, but also to walk out to the river station embankment. At that time, "Prometheus" was the only cinema and only according to the plans of the authorities the new cinema was to be opened by 1988, but these plans were not to come true. Until the accident, the statue of Prometheus stood near a movie theater, but to protect it from looters, it was then transported to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.


"Prometheus" after the 1986 accident

Like all the buildings in the city of Pripyat, the cinema was abandoned and looted by looters. The site of the Prometheus Monument was later used as a helipad.

At the moment, the cinema has lost the immaculate look that all residents remembered, and the abstract mosaic on the side of the building is hard to see through the trees and shrubs.

Inside, the cinema also doesn't sparkle with the interior that was built before the Chernobyl accident, but some of the details preserved still help recreate the environment that prevailed before that terrible April 1986 day. Walking around the cinema rooms you can see randomly scattered chairs, money safes and old tickets for one of the cinema sessions.

Trips to the Chernobyl exclusion zon

Today you can come and see the interesting places of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, including the "Prometheus" cinema, on multi-day and private tours with a professional guide of our company. It is also interesting that the "Prometheus" cinema is located in one of the locations of the computer game STALKER, which once became a cult "shooter" that received maximum support from players.

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