Chernobyl catfish

Many tourists a trip to Chernobyl associate it with a post-apocalyptic dead city, once beautiful and full of young inhabitants. But not all tourists know that Chernobyl is rich not only in various secret objects and structures, because various animals are also found here, and huge sums live in the reservoirs. With all this, there are also tourists who ask the question, where and how can you see not only the animals, but also feed the catfish?

It should be noted that this type of trip is not entirely typical, therefore such an event can be considered quite unique, the more unlikely that you can feed such local inhabitants - catfish. Upon arrival in Chernobyl, such a dream can be realized on the bridge over the bypass canal of the cooling pond.

Where can you feed the Chernobyl catfish?

Before visiting the catfish, an experienced guide will advise you to stock up on chills, because such entertainment will provide you with a lot of positive emotions. Also, tourists should know that catfish stay in wintering grounds in winter from around the beginning of November to mid-March, so catfish can be fed only in the warm season.

Although tourists visiting the Chernobyl exclusion zone do not have the opportunity to see the catfish in winter, they have a great opportunity to admire the landscapes of the city Pripyat because there are no leaves on the trees and the whole city is at your fingertips. Buildings in a new appearance rise up in front of visitors ChEZ, and the city itself takes on new colors in awareness.

In addition to the above tours in the Chernobyl exclusion zone there are many other facilities and structures worth the attention of any connoisseur of the post-apocalyptic world, for example a visit to the top secret Chernobyl facility-2 memories on a lifetime and no one knows how long an object can last, after all, nature smoothly takes its toll.

Chernobyl catfish
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